Importing Cars from Japan to Dubai

We, ONEJP, have an access to almost all auctions of used cars in Japan where you can find mostly any car you would ever wish. Our company is here to help you to acquire your best vehicle you might have dreamt of and ship it to Dubai.

When bringing used cars from Japan to Dubai, you might have a fear in your heart about the condition of a car. We assure every our client not to worry about that since we do proper check of every car before shipping that to your country. Before purchasing any car we read carefully a so-called auction sheet where we get all basic info concerning condition of a car. If we make a conclusion that the info provided in the auction sheet is not sufficient we organize an additional check of technical condition where we can examine in detail some places of the car that our client might be concerned about. Also we ask to take some additional pics so that to send them to our clients.

We have a rich experience in supplying used cars across the world and our customers have not got an opportunity to complain on us about the condition of cars, so you should feel yourself firm when you would decide to place your first order with us.

In order to ensure a safe and prompt delivery of all vehicles to our customers, we have taken all necessary steps and partnered with trustworthy shipping companies such as Armacup, Eastern Car Liner, Toyofuji, Hoegh Autoliners etc. At the same time we try to find best rates for ocean freight and put at least basic insurance plan on each vehicle.

Should you have any questions regarding importing cars to Dubai ?

Please feel free to ask us, as your satisfaction is our reward.